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Daily meal in Rome

There are really no words to describe the beauty of Rome. Still to find the perfect expression, in October we visited the city again and all of our favourite restaurants. That's a daily menu from the Italian capital!

Daily meal in Rome

I found this tiny spice shop next to the Vatican 10 years ago. In the window there was a beautiful, delicious looking big piece of ham. That's a porchetta which is rather typical in Central Italy. It's pork unboned, stuffed with some garlic and lavishly hinted with spices, especially rosemary. After tying it in a nice rolled shape traditionally baked slowly in brick oven where the skin becomes crispy but the inside tender.

The lady behind the bench made the sandwich of my life. Ciabatta, the mentioned crispy skinned ham, rucola and buffalo mozzarella. Nothing more, nothing less.

Daily meal in Rome

BAR, Via Delle Fornaci 11, Rome, Italy

This October, I was a little bit nervous returning to this street after 10 years. Unfortunately the place closed since then but luckily the bar next door had just the same ham in panini. Eva and Claudio made a magnificent breakfast as once their neighbour. And don't forget to ask buffalo mozzarella with it!

Daily meal in Rome

Baffetto 1, Via del Governo Vecchio 114, Rome, Italy

Lunch? Only exactly from noon. Where else than in one of the most famous and popular restaurant in Rome! I always have the feeling that I am doing a favor to them by eating there. Service is rather harsh, the waiters are gruff, only one word questions and answers, and the bill is handwritten with a pencil on your tables paper tablecloth. I still recommend this place! The pizza is fantastic: paper thin pastry, rich toppings, as it has to be!

Daily meal in Rome

Campo dei Fiori, Rome, Italy

Another place what a likewise food-addict also has to see is the Campo dei Fiori, one of Rome's food markets. This is the place where Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake in 1600 executed by the Catholic church. Under his statue there is huge variety of amazing colours, scents and tastes waiting for you. Don't forget to have a refreshing hand squeezed pomegranate juice!

Daily meal in Rome

Edoardo II, Vicolo Margana 14, Rome, Italy

By night, everyone with a normal nervous system is fed up with the insane flow of tourists. Probably that is why this slightly abandoned restaurant became my favourite. Certainly not easy to find amongst the narrow and high streets but it's romantic, original and has the atmosphere what I always search for in a restaurant. It's recommended to eat fish here, and their daily specials are delicious.

So why Italian cuisine and why Rome? Perhaps the environment, the organised chaos, the fresh ingredients the sun, the tomato and lots of basil? I don't know but I have been always searching for this feeling, and I think is only so special and good if you are actually there.

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