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Remco & Pepijn

Remco van Erp went for an innocent dinner to a restaurant where the chef happened to be his future friend and businesspartner. He was fascinated with the place and was convinced that they could be the perfect partners in a restaurant. That's how they opened Dertien, the restaurant of the lucky 13.

Pepijn lived in the United States for six years where he learned a lot which shaped his attitude and approach probably the most. Their succes lies in their own differences. While Remco concentrates more on the food Pepijn takes more care of the management. Pepijn brainstorms but they both cook. There are always conflicts between two person, but as they say it just makes it more exciting, and at the end of the day they leave the arguments in the restaurant.

Meet Remco & Pepijn at the Rauwkost in Rotterdam on 3rd-4th October 2015.

Cover photo: Jesaja | Rauwkost