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Milk sommelier

Milk tastes different on each and every farm. Not only season but the time of the day also matters when it comes to milk. So why every milk from the supermarket taste the same? Holland's first Milk sommelier, Bas de Groot is searching the answer.

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It started as a bit of a joke but since Bas became the expert, proudly using his title as milk sommelier. Holding courses, workshops tasting events, presenting various tastes of milk. Raw or pasteurised, huge difference!

Milk sommelier

Nowadays the question if the milk is healthy is very popular. In Bas's opinion it's not necessarily the most interesting question. Either if it's healthy or not, it can be a very tasteful refreshing drink. If we drink milk we should make sure we have the best quality. Bas himself is also an ardent milk drinker, he has minimum a liter, usually raw milk each day.

Milk sommelier

Read more interesting things here. We met Bas on Hoeve Ackerdijk, where we also met an ex-fireman.

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