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Marnix Benschop imagined a kitchen with several courses, surprising tastes and daring serving. The 31 years old chef hasn't found the perfect place to dine in Holland, so he invented his own event. He serves up his ideas, and if many people like it then he will continue with the series.

Mess cooking studio is a perfect place for the series of "Eat my Mind". The ideal dining of Marnix contains several smaller courses where tastes are harmonise yet surprise. On the 4 hours long dinner there were almost 20 different courses. This would be already a great experience but because the gastro- adventure took place in one big open space, the guests could follow every moves of the Chef.

The cooking series last until the end of the year. You can often find similar events, cooking courses at Mess Rotterdam. The workshop is one big open space where not just the guests see the moves in the kitchen but the chef can also observe their reactions.


Marnix feels that the role of the chef is changing, mostly because people getting closer and closer to gastronomy. Some time ago a restaurant kitchen seemed more mystical. It was the place of cooking secrets, where food only came out ready and served up. The kitchen doors have been opened and nowadays anything can be found online.


Cooking became an attraction. More and more people want to see the chefs from close to see and learn more tricks in the kitchen, and if the feedback is important for a chef then open cooking is a perfect chance for him to see the reactions.

For me it was exciting that I never got what I would expect. The mentioned cauliflower was pleasantly crispy and slightly smoky even though I was expecting it soft. And the most exciting was to guess what will be the next course. From the ingredients, the brilliant smells and the professional gestures we could only guess what will be served next.

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