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Dear Friend,

This special chapter on our blog is just for You! It's remaining a hidden article until Christmas.

We live in Holland for almost 3 years now and we are happy here. Moving was not always easy, it's the sort of thing what you think through twice.

It has been always nice to be here, and now as we have more and more friends we pick up more and more habits, expat life becomes even nicer and enjoyable.

It's always a special occasion if we have dear visitors from home. This year for the first time, my whole family visits us and celebrates Christmas here. We would like to wish a Merry Christmas with our special Christmas edition film. Back home fish soup is a traditional Hungarian dish. Very popular at Christmas time. This is a nice not too old family recipe which is an alternative for the Hungarian version.

1500 kilometers were needed for me to learn to appreciate spending time with family. When we lived in the same city, often minor things like shopping was more important than seeing them. But a good laugh with family or a cooking party with friends means more than anything. But now as we are separated, and distant and finally meet nothing else matters just being together.

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Ready to go!
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