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Monika Hoogenbosch and Hans Bouman love to spend time in their curry van, travel around Holland and get away from the city. Their speciality is delicious; Indian and Thai curry and home made pickled cabbage.

Hans is a graphic designer. After the crisis he had to make changes in his career so he was a taxi driver for years. Suddenly he felt he has to end that job and as he told us, making this food truck happen at the beginning was really just a joke. He was always famous for being a very good cook. Their friends encouraged them and now here they are!


Hans loves curry and trust us, he is very good at making it too! He makes kara masala for those who like it less hot and Thai curry for who prefer it spicy. Their speciality is also the pickled cabbage what they make in Moroccan, Hungarian and in Thai style.


Like a good relationship their's also require both of them. "Behind every great man there is a great woman" And in their case Monika is the great woman. It is a real family hobby growing into a family business and they like it that way. While Hans is being creative and focusing on the cooking Monika organises the rest. They awfully happy with their decision a year ago of making Curryvan happen and participating more and more festivals around the country.

Like and follow them on their Facebook page and on their website. We met them at Eten op Rolletjes in Ede.

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