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Daisy Hofman knows what a dog needs: dog biscuit, posh, cupcakes and carrot cake. But everything strictly out of natural ingredients specially for dogs. The menu as good as it would be in a luxurious café.

Spelt carrot cake with chicken, cream cheese and almonds. But you can also choose cupcake with liver, thick cream cheese and raspberry. And at last but not least the peanut butter pretzel. All the ingredients and tastes of course optimised and made for dog consumption. No additional sugar, no preservatives or artificials.


When Daisy adopted her dog Rudy, on his birthday she started to make the best gift for the puppy. The idea to produce fabulous dog food started from this first puppy birthday cake. Someday hopefully it can become a smashing career.

We also tried the cupcakes! William and Harry never got any food from our dining table, so it was quite a challenge to serve these gorgeous cakes in the most appropriate way. Some begging finally delivered the expected success.


When working in the television news as a reporter over fed pets at christmas time was a recurring topic. I know how hard to avoid those looks under the table, but we have to. I saw several pets struggling through the holidays in severe pain simply because roast or pudding cannot be found in nature as they are.

Everyone knows what a poison chocolate is for dogs. Cocoa and Theobromine in it can cause serious diarrhea and vomiting, and at a stage even can cause fits. Sugar damages their liver and leads to obesity and deterioration of sight; just to mention couple of the most dangerous human foods for dogs.


We never feed our dogs with our own food, and especially never from the dining table. This way, after some years they also not begging for food at our dinner time. I have to say for William and Harry this is probably the only rule.

We met Daisy and her Koekiemonsters in Rotterdam at Swan Market.

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